8 Weeks+7 Steps= New Life!


The 4 core areas I have discovered through my life of drugs, alcohol, being arrested for grand theft auto, being married for over 30 years, being a pastor for over 3 decades, a business leader, singer/songwriter on tour, entrepreneur, hundreds of employees in my past businesses, coach, counselor, consultant, designer and more (yeah, a lot, I know...and YOU get it all!) are these:


You will learn the value, depth and necessity of all 4 core areas through the following modules below over an 8 week period.



Drifting might be cool if you're some hot shot in a movie with stunt doubles who actually know how to do a drift, but even those are referred to as a “controlled drift”. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun to watch! Real life, however is not about drifting and doing “whatever," all over the place, it’s about setting and planning clear goals. It is about driving and not drifting.

  • Focused direction and clarity of mind can allow for spontaneity on a journey, that’s what makes it fun.
  • The drive isn’t always about restrictions as much as it is about safe boundaries. 
  • Understanding those areas as well as the compelling nature we’re inherently born with protects us from a spiral into an uncontrollable drift rather than a well executed drive.
  • Outcome: Examining the drifting in a person’s life, their focus, dreams, goals and how to structure a way to get there creating a smooth path to drive in/on




For most of my life, I have always had this inner feeling that rest was a waste of time. I never really said it that way, but that is actually how I felt, how I was driven. I am naturally a non-stop 110MPH kind of guy. On a day off, if for some reason I slept in (because my body was trying to tell me something) and I woke up late, my day was completely ruined! Mind you, late to me is waking up at 8am on a day off and feeling as if I had missed out on so many things I could have done already and my entire vibe for the day was completely destroyed, or so I felt.

  • One of the benefits I have found in my battle with cancer has been the necessity to slow down. 
  • I have had to learn the value of and embrace the benefit in true rest. 
  •  I now understand how completely backwards I have been wired to think and feel about rest and it’s real benefit. We will unlock the power behind the door called rest, find its benefit and value to reveal the treasure of rest waiting in you!
  • Outcome: Understanding and implementing intentional time of rest into your daily rhythm.



After taking some time to reflect and really look at and deal with frustration comes a powerful time to receive. For many it is extremely hard to receive, especially if what you have been the recipient of in life has been quite daunting. But now, it’s your time! The reins are in your hands. Flipping the script on the negative things that have happened puts you in a position to no longer be a victim of them. 

  • This opens the doors wide for things we may have desired for years, but just haven’t had the courage, strength or fortitude to go after them. 
  • We all have desires, it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s also true that we all have a way of being deceived at times in our lives with selfish desire.
  • The dictionary defines desire as: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen it is defined both as a noun and a verb depending on how it is used. It is very easy to see, that by listening to the voice of frustration in our lives, desire can steer us away from God’s plan for our lives. 
  • Outcome: Now that some moments of frustration have been identified in our lives, it opens a pathway to freedom. Being willing to receive a place of freedom and deliverance from those frustrations fuels those exact places to launch you into a freedom you may never have known, owning the issues, overcoming the issues and speaking to the issues of your life in a place of victory and freedom.





One of the most common misconceptions in life is over purpose and identity. The confusion starts with believing that the thing you do or the passion you have is who you are, or in other words, your identity.

  • By believing your occupational expertise actually is most of what defines you and allowing that alone to direct your life actually robs you of a clear and confident knowledge of your true identity and purpose in life.
  • Learning what your true purpose and identity is provides a clarity and understanding of how to live life through the confidence and assurance they provide.
  • Living in that clarity empowers you to flourish and flow from all the weeks prior of The Flip System.
  • Outcome: You will have a firm confidence in who you are and what you are doing on this planet. Being confident in your purpose and identity alleviates a complacent and wishy washy focus on our personal lives. You will have been able to work through some areas in your life so that you can meet you and do what you are created to do




The majority of time is supposed to be focused on understanding and implementing, not spent on wasting time trying to figure out what to do. I like to refer to some things I have allowed to get in the way, in my way as time bandits        

  • Time bandits are those things we allow to distract us and our focus. For example, a quick check on Facebook can easily turn into a 20-30 minute reading and posting binge. Or, it could be phone games we play or videos we watch or food we eat or ____________________ (fill in the blank).
  • Generally, none of us have a lack of time- we really just have poor planning of the time we do have.
  • We all share the same 24 hours in one day. Some are quite busier than others. We have complications in life that occur.
  • Outcome: Designing, defining and establishing a time-management system for life



When we have a grasp on being good stewards of the time we have, it can open the door to many incredible things. One of those incredible things is REFLECTION. Reflection can be a scary word and a scary place for sure. Many times, reflection can really bring on frustration. Those frustrations can be valuable tools for flipping the script on life as you know it. 

  • It is easy to be frustrated from horrible things in your past. 
  • Far past, recent past, it doesn’t matter. It can be frustration over a broken trust. It could be the death of a loved one. It could be a physical violation. It could be a mental violation.
  • These are frustrations that if not reflected upon the correct way, really have control over you.
  • Outcome: Defining some of the major frustrations in our lives, determining the why, where and what of their purpose and place in our lives. In many/most cases, those frustrations are a hindrance and bondage in our lives. Learning to identify those moments and facing/addressing them is vital to be able to move forward to Flip the script on life as usual.. we will identify moments like those and how to identify them in your own life.



This is your call to action. By now in THE FLIP, you’ve identified a #GodsGotThis Moment in your life because you have taken time. Time to look back. After that comes a time of reflection and overcoming frustrations that can easily keep you in a prison. That prison comes with desires that were never meant for you. Now you can proclaim #GodsGotThis

  • Overcoming and seeing new desires, fresh desires, good desires, God’s desires. These all lead us to a time where we respond. It’s action time!! 
  • To be clear, in an action time, it is easy to confuse a couple of things like a dream and a goal. 
  • They are both something that God can give us and both something that can be incredibly inspirational. However, there is the difference between a dream and a goal. This is where you have an awesome moment to learn how to and effectively…Respond.
  • Outcome: Now that you have defined your time, understand the value of rest and have conquered frustrations and pains of your past, you have the freedom to dream and to dream big. We will work through that dream process that will catapult those dreams into goals and realities for your life.




By this point, you will have been exposed to things in and about YOUR life you may have been completely asleep to. 

  • By being awakened to them all, you will not only have learned how to fully understand and thrive faithfully, confidently and powerfully in life,
  • you will be able to help others live into their purpose as well by the gifts you have been specifically blessed with on your journey to fully engage The Flip Factor.
  • This session will be a pinnacle point in your growth and experience individually and in your huddle as you prepare to dive into the next possible phase: The Flip Factor.
  • Outcome: After the first 7 weeks of THE FLIP, we will have a review of the system, assuring confidence and clarity with a focus on the what’s next for you. In this session, you will be provided with the opportunity to press in even further over a one year commitment and relationship to help guide, direct and launch the you you are and help others to do the same.